Collection History :

This collection started its activity in the field of rotational molding in 1995 under the name of Mashhadizadeh Plastic. Prior to that, the managers of this company had 25 years of experience in the plastics industry and Blow molding and research in emerging fields of the plastics industry. Relying on these experiences in the plastics industry, it has based its work procedure on not following other colleagues and competitors and cutting off internal and external dependencies. And considers itself as an innovator and a leading company in the plastics industry.

Mashhadizadeh Plastic at the beginning of its entry into the field of rotational molding began its work with the production of car plastic parts, especially trucks, and then continued to produce spray tanks next to car parts until Shadman reservoir Company in 2003 in Fars province by managers of This complex was established.

Shadman Makhzan Company started the production of three-layer polyethylene tanks as completely anti-algae in 2004. At that time, no company in Iran had mass-produced anti-algae tanks.

After a year, in 2005, a different product was produced in the company, which was called the new generation of polyethylene tanks, and the name of that product was foam tank, and Large-scale production of this product began at the end of 2005. After the success in the company’s standard tests, it attracted the attention of customers and proved its useful life.

In 2012, it was registered as a patent in the name of the owners of the Shadman collection in the inventory of this complex.

From the beginning of its activity, Shadman Group has made all the machines it needs without any copying. And with its leading policy, it has caused major and fundamental changes in the rotomolding industry. This collection has registered several patents in the rotomolding industry since 2010.

Shiraz Machine-Building Unit was set up in 2010, the result of which was the production of quality rotomolding machines. In addition, it provided unique techniques and methods to the owners of these machines.

The development plan of this complex was launched in 1394 in the form of a new company called Shadman Iranian Polymer Company with the aim of producing very large integrated polyethylene tanks and producing compounds and additives for the rotational molding industry.

In the end, it is stated that we always strive for innovation and development of our work and gaining customer and consumer satisfaction. And we continue our firm steps, so that we will take a step to satisfy the customers of this collection as much as possible.

Capabilities :

– Laboratory equipped with all tests of polyethylene tanks

– Holder of the largest molding machine in the world and the ability to produce the largest integrated polymer parts ever produced in the rubber and plastics industry.

– High production volume due to several production lines that are available in the collection and fast delivery of a large number of products in a short time.

– Production of various types of rotational molding industry compounds.

– Inventor and sole manufacturer of foam rotational molding products from very small capacities to very large capacities.

– Manufacturer of all machines in the rotational molding industry (refer to the machine manufacturing unit )

– Design and manufacture of products ordered by the customer