Persian gulf :

Undoubtedly, the correct geographical name of the southern lines of Iran throughout history is the Persian Gulf. Documents left over from many past civilizations indicate that the lands south of the Persian Gulf, including Qatar, northern Oman, the United Arab Emirates, East Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, belonged to Iran. The Persian Gulf was part of the inland waters of Iran and for this reason the Greeks called it Sinus Priscus.

Charles Belgrave, the British representative and agent in the Persian Gulf, wrote a letter to his government in 1935, in which he stated: “Now that we have Arabicized all the southern lines of the Persian Gulf, it is good to change its name.” But Britain, which at the time had a dispute with Iran over oil, did not accept the offer to prevent the deterioration of relations with Tehran.

The oldest known geographical name from the Persian Gulf is Narmarratu, which is left in Assyrian inscriptions and means bitter river. In the second century AD, Flavius Arianus used the Persicon Kai Tass in his works , which means Persian Gulf.

Arab-Islamic geographers and historians of the early Islamic period, such as Tabari, Mas’udi, and Ya’qubi, unanimously acknowledge in their surviving manuscripts that all parts of the Persian Gulf belonged to Iran in pre-Islamic times. Estakhry in (مسالک و ممالک) and “Ibn Huql al-Baghdadi” in his book “Surah Arz” which was in 1993 Published in English in London, M. states: “As has been said many times, the Persian Sea  is from the lands of Sindh (India) and Kerman, It continues to Persia and is called Persia among all lands, because Persia is more advanced than all other countries and its kings had the strongest control (sovereignty) in ancient times, and even now control all the area near and far of this sea and all the lands of Persia and others.” Until the 1960s, Arab countries used the term Persian Gulf in their official correspondence.

Inquiry from the British Foreign Office

In recent years, and especially since the 1960s, the fake name of the Arabian Gulf has been increasingly competing with the name of the Persian Gulf in some sources under the maximum support of Arab and sometimes non-Arab governments. The issue has angered Iranians around the world and has led to the emergence of the name  “Persian Gulf forever” by Iranians. So far, work has been done to counter this forgery, including issuing two directives to the UN Secretariat to protect the name of the Persian Gulf or holding the Persian Gulf Cup, and several naming and preparation of maps, documents and geographical books with The correct name of the Persian Gulf. The British and American Geographical Organizations have also made the name of the Persian Gulf the official policy of their countries.

Reference: Wikipedia (corrected)

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